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Belomora.NET is a multibrand vapeshop which has a large amount of buyers from all over Russian Federation. I have created this project from idea till sales start. I have hired a team, visited Chinese manufacturers, designed corporate style, organized delivery schemes and retail shops. For the web site I have used OpenCart 2x engine which offers the most stable platform for e-markets with lots of goods (> 500 positions). All of the design, options and special features were exclusively handmade by our team, even the 360-degree photos were shot by ourself. For now, Belomora is one of the largest vape shops in several large cities in Russian Federation.
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OT-KAT b.v. is a large European company specialized in extracting the noble metals out of recycled materials, satisfying the production demands in platinum, palladium and rhodium. The site has features of price monitoring for rare metals exactly according to London Metal Exchange. All of the design, options and special features were exclusively made by our team.
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Push The Coin is my first game for mobile devices. It is a cute arcade with the main goal to put all of the brass coins into pockets avoiding different obstacles to progress to the next level. For this project I've built a talented crew (back-end coders, artists, sound producers and testers). We've created an unique idea, style and game mechanics. The game is available on the AppStore and Google Play.
Julia Bogush is a famous personal female psychologist located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. For this landing page I have used very simple instruments and have built it in a couple of days. The main idea was to create a lightweight, fast and representative landing page to attract some new clients. For now, this site has very well CPA and ROI indicators.
visit site presents smart gadgets for kids. It took me a month to create this project from idea till sales start. In the mean time I found Chinese suppliers, figured out most popular products, set up delivery and taxes schemes, organized retailers and started advertising campaign. For developing the web shop I hired a back-end developer and text writers. As usual all of the contents including design and photos were made by ourself.
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Also I am really crazy about photo.

Almost all of my photos were made while traveling around the world in search of unique cultures and untouched moments of nature and life itself. I was very happy to win several local photo awards and many of my photos are still being shown on national TV.

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My name is Danila Titanov (32/M/RUS).
And I am really interested to take a part in some AWESOME projects.

I am CEO in a trading company with more than 120 employees and I have a significant experience in directing and handling large teams. Since my company is far away from technology sphere, I would like to evolve in a direction I really love - IT development.

I see my place in a team as a creative director/lead designer but I can take any role depends on project. My own technical skills are 2D design, UI design, web-design and photography. I am not rushing for money, my main goal is to work in a collaborative environment that pushes the current limits of my abilities and allows my passion for design to continue to develop while creating perfect quality projects. I am looking for great useful experience and ready to work for free in really interesting projects.

Especially I would like to participate in crowd psychology, viral advertising, blackhat SEO and privacy projects.

skype: big.den
telegram: +1 (251) 333 8847